Monday, May 12, 2008

Mark Lowe curses his glove

You've seen it during the game, on TV, it's even poked fun at in commercials - when players talk into their gloves on the field. I get it - you don't want the other team to see you say "let's go inside with a fastball and then run away with sliders" or "keep an eye on the guy at first, he's got wheels" or "three rows back, two seats in - isn't that the chick who stalked you in Cleveland?"

But tonight, Mark Lowe walked a run in (followed by Puffy Rhodes doing the same - a nice display of pitching). After Lowe did so, he turned and he very obviously cursed - my guess was the F-bomb - into his glove. Did he want to hide this message from the opposing team? Is he worried that if they pick up on his talking-to-himself-in-his-glove-strategy of walking runs in, that it might hurt the Mariners? Did he want to hide his bad language from the good folks in his hometown of Houston?

Who knows. But it was almost as stupid as watching him pitch tonight. Almost as stupid as when Adrian Beltre appeals his own check swing at first base.