Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A reason to be happy: Bavasi didn't do this

Evidence that drinking heavily, growing unsightly facial hair, existing well over the prescribed Body Mass Index, having an escalating ERA, BAA, and WHIP while a declining K/IP rate not to mention the old MPH's on his fastball, and generally doing his best David Wells impersonation - can still make you a very, very rich man.

Yeah, I know this happened a few days ago - but it still warrants a post. Todd Jones, ladies and gents, $7 million clams. When I first saw the headline that someone gave him that much money, I actually said a little prayer that it wasn't the M's - because between the M's and maybe the Orioles, I couldn't think of too many boneheaded GM's that would do this. But I guess when Zumaya went down, logic went with him.

So congratulations, Todd Jones - you have impeccable timing.

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Anonymous said...

What's funny is that $7 million isn't very much anymore for a closer. Have to wonder which one was more wasteful: Jones 1yr/$7 mil or Rivera 3yr/$45 mil? I don't think Jones is very good but why do I get the feeling Rivera is about to fall apart?