Friday, January 15, 2010

Tommy Everidge

M's picked Everidge off waivers today, and honestly, I couldn't be more excited. I mean, look at the guy. It's like Bucky Jacobsen all over again, except Tommy is about 10 years younger and actually has a nice little track record of hitting in the minors. Who can't root for an overweight, swings-from-his-ass, no-defense, paul-bunyan masher?

A few quick stats: AAA (201 PA) .368/.428/.632
AA (three seasons, 201 games, 903 PA) .290/.358/.474

That's awfully nice, but the folks with the math degrees out there who project performance don't really see him being anything more than a role player or late season call-up. Best case for Tommy, he's an injury fill-in.

But I'm sure I'm not the first to say it - but perhaps the first in Seattle:

I want to go drinking with Tommy Everidge. First round is on me, Tommy. My bet is you're a PBR kind of guy.


Anonymous said...

That looks like Tom Arnold at 1b.

Tim said...

You sure that's not Will Ferrell in disguise?