Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chad Gaudin vs. any Mariner 5th starter

So the Yankees have apparently placed Chad Gaudin on waivers.  If he clears waivers, he can go to AAA, they can release him, or he can refuse his assignment and become a free agent.

Gaudin has had a miserable spring, and if that's really what the Yanks are basing their decision on, then they are knuckleheads.  But you have to figure they see their #5 slot going to Joba or Hughes and would like Gaudin to go to AAA for emergency help if disaster strikes their stupid-good front four.

If you're Gaudin, you have to know there's a starting gig out there for you, so I can't imagine he'd accept a minor league assignment.  I'd also be surprised if he cleared waivers - at just shy of $3 mil this year, he's a pretty good deal.

Gaudin posted an 8.49 k/9 rate and 4.16 FIP in 2009.  Even if he regresses a bit, this would be far better than Vargas, Fister, Olson, French, and anyone else the M's are considering for the 5th slot in the rotation.  His big problem is the propensity to walk batters, which he did a lot of last year. 

With Lee's health now less than 100%, with Fister dinged up, and looking at the potential of your starting five to start the season featuring Felix, Hyphen, Snell, Vargas, Olsen/French/Kelley?? - I mean, well, yowsa. 

Chad Gaudin.  Not thrilling, but probably good for our #3 starter to start the season.  Why not.

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