Tuesday, October 12, 2010

M's Managerial Candidates: odds

Bobby Valentine 3-2
Eric Wedge 5-1
John Gibbons 10-1
Cecil Cooper 18-1
Ted Simmons 200-1
Lloyd McClendon 1000-1

I don't think Valentine will take the job - I think he's going to wind up in Florida.  He's too established right now to want to suffer through a 100 loss season.  Why bother when you could just broadcast for ESPN and be everybody's cuddly grandpappy color announcer?  If Florida and Seattle both offer him the job, he goes to Florida.  Only way he comes to Seattle is if he has literally nothing better to do or they decide to make him some kind of financial offer he can't refuse. 

I'd personally like to see Eric Wedge get hired. He's kind of got that Lou Piniella fiery thing going, he seems to be a real player-advocate kind of guy, his worst year was pretty flukey and hey, who wouldn't love to see him show up in Spring Training with a "Fuck Milton Bradley" T-shirt on?  M's could sell a million of those.

Gibbons too mean. Cooper is too nice. Simmons won't get an interview. McClendon would be a friggin disaster.


Anonymous said...

Give the gig to huggy Mike Sweeney!

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