Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Say No to Cantu

M's rumored to be interested in Jorge Cantu.  I threw up a little bit in my mouth just by typing that.

Look, there was a day when Cantu was a nice player, but even in the season where he hit 29 home runs, he was only 2.7 wins above replacement because he's so friggin bad at every position he plays.

I'd like to say that he's a platoon type too - but on his career, he's a 103 wRC+ vs. lefties (weighted runs created based on weighted On Base Average) and 102 wRC+ vs. righties.  Last year, he was miserable versus lefties so you couldn't even play to traditional platoon roles with him.  He can't play defense worth a lick anywhere, so he's a DH with no real plate-side-advantage.  We'd be better off bringing Garko back.

I'll assume this is just weird rumor. 

The battle between Jack Wilson and Jorge Cantu for most unattractive Mariner might be a good battle though.

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