Monday, February 4, 2008

What Brian Roberts and Carrie-Anne Moss have in common

What could those two possibly have in common? Turns out not much. But in my world, I have far-fetched fantasies about both. One has to do with baseball, and the other has more to do with showing up at my doorstep with that Matrix leather body suit on. I'll allow you to figure out who is who.

But seriously - there are ridiculous rumors out there about B.R. being part of some M's deal involving Bedard. I know the rumors are completely wild and wholly unsubstantiated, but why can't we at least dream, nay - PRAY - that somehow all the holdup with this Bedard deal is because:

Brian Roberts will soon be a Mariner

Yes, I recognize that's just pure fantasy. But what a team that would be...

This deal has gone from Jones, Sherrill, and Tillman only to those three plus another top prospect to it's current incarnation of a five player deal for Bedard. As such, it has certainly raised some "M's getting fleeced" eyebrows, especially in context of the package for Santana (yes, I know all the arguments about cost and years of control, blah, blah, blah). So what stops the M's from tossing in a guy like Yung Chi Chen (or hell, give them Lopez) to net Bedard and Roberts?

Well, the answer is probably "reality". But this is a blog, it's not the New York Times. So allow a fellow to dream...

Would I rather have B.R. at second or Carrie-Anne Moss on my doorstep in The Matrix leather body suit with those bedroom eyes, pouty lips, and milky white skin? I can't really say.

But I'm pretty convinced I won't have the choice. Reality freaking sucks.

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PP said...

Great point. There is no question that Roberts should have been in this deal. THEN we would actually have leveraged the future for a team that will compete with the Angels. Bavais should have said the deal was Jones and Sherril for Bedard, and then tossed in the other 3 and Lopez for BR and Bedard. Why the hell does Baltimore want to pay big money to Roberts this year? I wasn't in the negotiation so I can't say if it was possible. But if Roberts gets dealt for a couple of prospects, then clearly this could have and SHOULD HAVE been done.