Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Ridiculously Early Look at the Mariners Spring Stats

Hitting the broad side of a building
No, you can't draw conclusions from Spring statistics. No, the sample size isn't big enough to really give you anything to sink your teeth into.  No, it probably doesn't matter if the Mariners offense is fantastic or rotten down in Arizona. But it's still fun to look, isn't it?

First of all, I'm going to ignore anyone that doesn't have at least double digit at bats, because, well, even I have standards. But the following is a list of the highs and lows of the Mariners offense this Spring:

Jack Wilson - hitting .500 with a triple, 4 RBI, and no strikeouts in 4 games.  Kinda funny that there have actually been 9 Spring games, so it's fitting that he's played in less than half of them.

Milton Bradley - he's smashing the ball in Spring (I just couldn't help it...) - hitting .357 with a pair of doubles and a stolen base in 14 AB's.

Greg Halman - has one of the five (cough, cough) HR's the M's have hit this Spring, hitting .300, and in a very Halman-like-way, augmented the soothing cool breeze at the stadium with 4K's in 10 AB's.

Miguel Olivo - before the injury, he was hitting a sizzling .100 in 10 AB's.

Gabe Gross - making that final surge for a starting gig, giving Michael Saunders the push he needs, Gross is hitting .091 in 11 AB's with 5 K's.  Wow.

Justin Smoak - .118 with 6 K's in 17 AB's.  (Repeat after me, Spring stats don't matter, Spring stats don't matter, Spring stats don't matter...)

Brendan Ryan - .118 in 17 AB's.  2 total hits (but one's a double!).

Jack Cust - .235 in 17 AB's with no home runs, one walk, 7 K's and an OBP of .278.

Overall, the M's are 23rd out of 30 teams in runs scored this Spring and as a team, they're hitting .235, which places them 28th. They've hit 5 HR's placing them 26th and stolen 4 total bases which ties them with Mike Aviles of the Kansas City Royals.

No, folks - Spring stats don't matter.  But I for one am going drinking now.  Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

Reaches for Tums...

K. L. said...

Very true that spring stats don't mean a thing. So why are the Mariners 28th in team average when they have Wilson, Tui, Moore and Langerhans hitting over .375? Because the rest of the guys are actually hitting close to what they hit last year and that does not bode well for the team. Smoak STILL can't hit, Cust is doing what he has done for the last few years and those two are the hope for this offense??? Doesn't look like a thing has changed from last season... except maybe Bedard will actually pitch a game before going on the DL!

Michael said...

K.L. We can only hope that Bedard pitches like an ace for the first two months of the season so the M's can use him to continue to replenish their young talent. This team is desperate for young pitching stars and an outfielder with power, looking towards 2012 and 2013.

Michael said...

Smoak showed up today - 2 run HR and 4 RBI. Milton Bradley is the early spring MVP at 7-18!