Friday, May 1, 2009

M's Overcome Hungry Buffalo

This game started out with Silva striking out two batters in the first inning, with some highly questionable calls - and I thought, "this just might be one of those magical, inexplicable nights where a worse-than-mediocre-pitcher pulls a masterpiece out of his ass." It kind of looked that way after two innings and then The Buffalo's water broke. For a guy who walked 9 batters in 188 innings pitched in 2005 (yes, NINE) - he certainly seemed like he didn't have a very good idea where the plate was despite the fact that Jim Joyce really didn't have an idea where the plate was either.

The hero was of course Lopez and the best at bat he's had in his professional career. 15 pitches and a line drive later, and Angie Mentink needed to change her drawers.

But to me, the MVP of the game was Kelley. He picked up the garbage left over by White and he suffered through some of the worst calls I've seen in recent memory to still blow away the Oakland hitters. Without Kelley in that situation, I really doubt the M's win this game.

Go to hell Silva. But Viva M's.

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