Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mariners and Bedard

Update:  Ok, so Morosi is now on board, which really gives this thing some legs.  Then again, his source could be Jim Street...


So I wrote about Bedard last week in a semi-coherent post about the advantages of being so close to him during his rehab.

I made a pitch for the M's to go ahead and sign him now, with guaranteed money, if they were comfortable with where his rehab was going and had a reasonable expectation that he could contribute this season.

Now Jim Street is saying that such a thing has happened.  Maybe he's right, maybe he's loony.  Whatever.

To speculate on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing seems kind of silly until we know what the incentives are.  But - 1.5 million guaranteed with incentives up to, say $6 million bucks based on performance and innings - to me, that's a relative bargain.

Bedard pitched hurt through two seasons in Seattle and he still had filthy stuff.  I'm always surprised how quickly Mariner fans forget that the guy had a 2.82 ERA (3.55 FIP) and a 9.76 K/9 rate last year over 83 innings.  In just 83 innings, he was 1.9 WAR.  Bedard is a very, very good pitcher.  A disappointment overall, yes.  Frustrating as hell, yes.  No personality whatsoever, yes.  But if, IF, that shoulder can hold up (and everything else that falls apart on him) for half a season, we want him on our team.

He would ostensibly be replacing Jason Vargas in the rotation, barring some completely unforeseen breakout by Vargas or a catastrophe by RRS or Snell (or injuries).  Where Bedard was 1.9 WAR in half a season, Jason Vargas is 0.7 WAR for his whole career.  The upgrade would be significant.

I'm also not at all convinced that Z is finished shopping for a starting pitcher, either - but I guess that's another post.

I'll tell you what - in June, when the M's are hanging around in the AL West, a hand full of games above .500 - you're going to be very excited that you have an Erik Bedard in your back pocket.

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