Friday, December 10, 2010

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day!

Since the winter meetings have ended and the sizzling-hot news of Jose Flores, Miguel Olivo, and Jack Cust begins to sink in, let's take a moment to highlight Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day.

Maybe you didn't know there was an organized group of baseball bloggers.  Perhaps you didn't know they've formed an alliance (scary!).  Maybe you didn't even know they were so totally rad and organized that they have a "day"?  Well, think again weary Mariner fans.

Practically speaking, the BBA gives hacks like me and Paul an opportunity to interact with other folks around the interwebs that have the same passion for praying to God their team does something good the next year.  The BBA has been around for just a couple of years, but in that time better than 230 blogs have signed up to join.  There are team-specific chapters, general chapters, and others dedicated to history, fantasy baseball, and just all around love-of-the-game fun. 

The BBA gives voice to us peons who don't write for the big monsters and don't get to vote in all of the MVP, Cy Young, etc. awards.  The BBA therefore does give voice to bloggers by organizing their own set of votes for the best performers of the year, and in fact, the BBA typically mirrors the findings of the baseball writers of America, but also has a long list of their own awards, voted on by the bloggers, many of which are far more relevant than what the real world gives us anyway.

So go check them out, the BBA, good for you, good for baseball.  Like beer. And dirt. And grass. 

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