Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tony ReaginsTrying to Make Bill Bavasi Look Like Charter Member of MENSA

Unless there's a whole truck load of cash coming to the Angels, as in $86 million which is owed to Vernon Wells for the next four years, the Wells/Cash for Napoli/Rivera deal is, while not a complete disgrace, just not pretty for Angels fans. ( appears very little money will be exchanging hands.  This deal is so bad for the Angels it warms the cockles of my heart.  Even the sub-cockles.  The deal is now a complete disgrace.)

Vernon Wells average WAR for the last three years: 1.8
Juan Rivera's average WAR for the last three years: 1.1
Mike Napoli's average WAR for the last three years: 2.7

And now the Angels turn almost full time to Jeff Mathis behind the dish, who by most accounts, is like bringing Dave Valle out of retirement, giving him a cardboard box to whittle a glove out of and a 9 iron to hit with and let him be the catcher.

The Angels pretty much just dealt Mike Napoli for Juan Rivera and tens of millions of salary (since Juan Rivera and Vernon Wells are not appreciably different hitters).  The Angels are not only so, so, so, so much poorer this season and the next three seasons, but they are now about two wins worse as a team.  It's just beyond belief that this deal went down and Anthopoulos must have been trying not to giggle during every conversation he was having with Tony Reagins throughout the negotiation.  

GM Z should get on the horn and see if Reagins wants to give us Kendry Morales for Milton Bradley. 

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