Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks to our 3,000 fans!

We are excited to announce a milestone today.  MarinerLog.com has surpassed the 3,000 fan mark on Facebook.  While our community has grown, our goal over at MarinerLog.com hasn't changed.  We continue to provide a fun environment for Mariner fans to cheer, vent and celebrate their favorite team.

For our next milestone we have our sights set squarely on Ichiro's career hit total.  1,278 hits in Japan + 2,333 with the Mariners = 3,611.  3,611 fans or bust.  Hopefully this will be a moving target.  Bring it on Ichiro! 

Thanks to you, our fans, for making MarinerLog.com the largest Mariner blog community on Facebook. 

Go M's!

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laddie agtarap said...

Hello all of Seattle Mariners fans. I told you all true Mariners fans. Beginning of season if we were with in 5 games of 1st places all star break. Would have a chance and we better so far.We have 3 games with Oakland now then we finish with La Angles. Mariners play good ball and only lose two games.We will be in good shape. GO GO Mariners!!!!!!! Laddie Agtarap Shelton Washington.