Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchel Report Checks - Vina & Hill

If you were afraid of spiders you probably would have juiced yourself up too.

I'm not sure what Vina's excuse was.

A huge congrats to Bret Boone, who was clearly smart enough to pay cash.


Anonymous said...

Insane. Where did you get that?

PP said...

Bottom of the Mitchell report. Link to the PDF in our left column and in the post below.

They are talking about Vina on ESPN right now. Apparently he wrote the guy 3 checks.

Anonymous said...

mitchell actually used testimony such as "he once asked me about HGH" as evidence. Some of this report looks like a 9 year old trying to identify who stole his big wheel.

"Jimmy said he heard you say I had the best Big Wheel on the block. Do you deny it? Do you???"

The majority of these players are going to simply say "I did it after an injury based on medical advice" and it'll go away. There's so little hard evidence in over 400 pages of this report, it's a sorry waste of time.

Nice to see Pettitte get tagged though. That pansy.

Anonymous said...

I think it's all overblown. There was all this hype and it really told us nothing, except for some juicey hearsay.

I wonder if Vina is done as an ESPN analyst..? He doesn't deserve to be cut, but maybe he'll jsut lay low for awhile.

PP said...

I hope Vina gets to stick around. While the Mitchell report is interesting, I don't think it will result in punishment for guys, except for the court of public opinion.