Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Race For Strasburg!

At this point in the MLB season there are two races. The playoff race and the race to the bottom. In Seattle we have the pleasure of the latter. The Mariners are 2 weeks away from landing their best pitching prospect since Ryan Anderson! Here is how the heated battle is shaping up:

1st: Mariners: 57-93, .380
2nd: Padres: 58-94, .382
3rd: Nationals: 58-93, 3.84

Never mind that the M's still haven't signed their 2008 first rounder, Josh Fields.
Checkout the latest on this disaster from the Seattle PI:

I totally understand the Mariner position on the Fields situation. Boras is holding them hostage for an extra $500K that they don't want to spend. BUT...had they forked over the $500K (which is basically one Carlos Silva start) they would have a better idea of what they have in Fields and potentially be in a position to deal Putz in the offseason for a young power hitter and slide Fields into the closer role for 2009. If they find a suitor for Putz this offseason we could be looking at Batista at the back end of the bullpen to start 2009.

Back to Strasburg...maybe they can get a package deal from Boras for both pitchers if they finish with the worst record? Either way it gives Mariner fans something to root for at the end of a horrible season. REFUSE TO WIN!

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