Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stephen Strasburg, Mariner

Has a nice ring to it. 4 games left and the Mariners are 1 game up on Washington for the honor of shelling our $8 million or so to Strasburg. Can't wait to see how they talk themselves out of picking him 1st. Much better to spend that money on Washburn.'s how the last 4 days are shaping up:

FLA: Sanchez (2-5, 5.57) vs. WAS: Balester (3-6, 4.83)
Washington's 2 hottest hitters, Zimmerman and Guzman, were out with the "flu" yesterday. Guzman is back in the pregame lineup today, but the hard hitting Zimmerman is out again tonight. M's need both of them in there this weekend if the Nationals want a shot at winning a game @PHI.

LAA: Moseley (2-4, 7.15) vs. SEA: Jimenez (0-2, 3.56)
Moseley? Come on. Are they even trying? Another must-lose situation for the Mariners.


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