Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time for GMZ to call the Royals

With Coco Crisp getting dealt to the Royals, the budget makeover of the Royals-with-Cheese lineup is starting to get patched together. They've publicly said they need a shortstop - wanting to move Aviles over to second base and now that they have the OBP black hole of Jacobs to play first, Billy Butler just might become expendable.

The shortstop market really becomes Furcal, the O.C. (Orlando Cabrerra), Renteria, and "others". All those clowns are going to make a lot of money, for one reason or another - and "a lot of money" and "Kansas City Royals" don't get used together very often.

Thus, I think it's time for GMZ (M's GM, I refuse to try and spell his name) to call up Dayton Moore and say he's got a young shortstop signed to a cheap contract who has "lots of potential" (read: he stinks, but that opinion isn't shared by everyone that doesn't have to watch him game in and game out...). Betancourt for Butler.

I'm not going into the virtues of Butler, but there's a damned good chance that he would be the second best hitter in the Mariner lineup next season - which either should make you shudder, make you excited, or both.

Make it happen.

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