Friday, November 21, 2008

Wonder where Heathcliff Slocumb is?

So John Heyman seems to believe that the M's are in on the Derek Lowe sweepstakes, which I think is novel, but laughable. A 35 year old who wants a 5 year deal that would no doubt be in the $10+M range - well, it would take Bill Bavasi to do something like that, and he decided long ago to only do that for much lesser arms in order to leave his stamp on the organization. It's a dark brown smelly stamp that smells like shit, but a stamp nonetheless.

But with Jason Varitek also being a free agent made me wonder if we could somehow right a Woody Woodward wrong - correct one of the black marks in Mariner history that we'd all like to forget.

Let's bring back Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe and hire Heathcliff Slocumb as some kind of roving scout (roving only Portland strip clubs, maybe - but who cares, it's not the point here). It could reverse some kind of curse put on this organization, who knows. It's not like the M's aren't desperate enough to try - it could even put assess in seats!

While we're at it, let's sign Mike Timlin and Jose Cruz Jr. - and I'm sure Paul Spoljarik would appreciate running stats for Rick Rizzs or something of that nature...

Who's with me? Let's DO IT!

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