Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brilliant Analysis

Off Mariner topic, Scott Kazmir took an ugly loss today - a combination of bad location, several infield singles and bloopers, and a few well hit balls. Not his best day, but not a total disaster if you're Scott Kazmir. Anyway... reading some analysis over at CBS, one of their truly intuitive interns gave us this tidbit about Kaz:

"If he can ever become as dominant a lefty as Johan Santana, the sky is the limit."

Really? I mean, really? So if Jason Kubel can ever hit like Albert Pujols, the sky is the limit. If Carlos Silva can ever be as dominant as Roy Halladay, the sky is the limit. If I can ever solve the Riemann hypothesis, the sky is the limit.

Peas and rice - people pay for this advice! It just never ceases to amaze me when you read something so totally asinine that it makes you scream out loud like you just slammed your thumb in the car door of your SUV.

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