Wednesday, April 29, 2009

M's Avoid Swine Flu

The only thing that can possibly add up to a 2-1 loss facing Bartolo Colon is that they thought he was the grand master of all bacon, the King Pig himself, and they ran from his pitches like it was literally the plague in fear of swine flu. It would also explain why the hardest hit ball was by Rob Johnson, who - let's face it - is never going to be a charter member of Mensa.

But credit where credit is due - Jackabauskus pitched fantastic. Either that, or the White Sox really made his mediocre stuff look fantastic. Dude has a wicked curveball though - and he can pepper in a well located low-90's fastball. If I'm Rowland-Smith, I'm looking around for a pipe to Kerrigan that kid's ass.

Oh, and Felix is just ridiculously good. That game was over by the end of the second inning.

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