Sunday, January 30, 2011

The More You Know: Olivo's Impact

News is a little thin right now, so I figured I would highlight something that we can all start to get used to in 2011 from our big offseason acquisition, Miguel Olivo. 

Over the last three seasons, Miguel Olivo is slightly better than Jeff Mathis and Rod Barajas in On Base Percentage at .296.  Yeah, Mathis and Barajas are widely panned for being black hole's of OBP.

Two.  Ninety.  Six. 

As in, gets on base less than 3 out of 10 times coming to the plate in any possible variation of ways of getting on base, of which there are many. 

Every other catcher with at least 800 plate appearances got on base more frequently than Miguel Olivo.

Next Sunday, when you may be at Church, light a candle or something and pray that Adam Moore finds his stroke.  Pray to whatever God will listen to you. 

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