Friday, February 11, 2011

Padres vs. Mariners: The Birth of an Interleague Rivalry

A fantastic post over at RJ's Fro, who blogs in support of our MORTAL ENEMIES the San Diego Padres.  Avenger-in-Chief, who runs Avenging Jack Murphy is the author, so be sure to let him know just how much the Seattle - San Diego rivalry means to you. 

Be honest, San Diego vs. Seattle is like North Carolina vs. Duke, Dodgers v. Giants, Yankees v. Red Sox, UCLA v. USC, USA v. USSR, or Spy vs. Spy. 

The hatred is palpable.

Allow me to give you a sample, just to raise your ire:
Seattle was a city founded on a belief of synergy amongst those inhabiting their corner of the U.S. and would ultimately choose a team mascot that reflected that particular ethos. In contrast San Diego opted for a mascot that was in conflict with the indigenous people of their corner of the U.S.
If that doesn't boil your blood, then you're just not a red-blooded-sports-fan.

Go Mariners!

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