Monday, November 29, 2010

Ryan Theriot, meet Jack Zduriencik

Word is the Dodgers are about to announce a three-year deal with Juan Uribe (depending on the money, this kind of boggles the mind).  If that does come to fruition, you'll likely see Ryan Theriot get non-tendered on the 2nd.  The GM winter meetings start up just 4 days later, and you can bet that Jack Z and Theriot's agent will have a chat.

Theriot fits perfectly into a short-term, bargain bin, solution for a few issues the M's are facing.  He can play 2nd and SS capably, and therefore would not only be nice insurance for the sure-to-occur injury to Jack Wilson, but he'd also provide insurance provided the M's want to give Ackley extra seasoning in the minors and/or if they want to start his clock later.

He can hit for decent average, get on base, and steal some bags.  And yes, he hits for zero power.  I hate to give him this kiss of death, but he's kind of a Chone Figgins prototype, with less speed.

Given the few ways the M's can add to the offense barring some big-splash-trade, Theriot makes a lot of sense.  He'd be a very, very cheap version of Tsuyoshi Nishioka, whom the Twins won the bidding rights on, presumably over the Mariners bid.  In fact, I'd be that Theriot winds up healthier over the course of the season than Nishioka.

No, Theroit isn't exciting at all, and sadly, he fits perfectly into the M's 2011 plans. 

Update: Theriot to the Cards for a ground-ball-inducing-machine of a starter.  Shit.

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