Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tacoma Rainiers versus the Washington Internationals

Not much going on while we wait for Spring Training... soooooooo....

What was Jason Marquis thinking when he signed as a free agent with the Nats?  Seriously.  Is he just a really nice guy who wants to be "part of something special" or "help the kids learn the game" or "loves losing"? Well, it turns out he just wanted to feel short.

I was perusing rosters and noticed the starting five of the Nats will include five of these guys (rumors of Wang signing are all over, so let's just assume for fun):

Marquis 6'1, 200
Lannan 6' 4", 215
Olsen 6' 5", 215
Martin 6' 4", 200
Mock 6' 3" 210
Zimmerman 6' 3", 230
Chien-Ming Wang 6' 3", 230

Represented by 6 Nations (7 if they sign Wang), therefore they must be considered the Internationals, in my estimation.

Below includes most of the candidates for Tacoma's rotation

Fister - 6' 8", 193
Vargas - 6' 0", 215
Luke French - 6' 4", 220
Nick Hill 6' 5", 225
Ryan Feierabend 6' 3", 228
Garrett Olson 6' 1", 205
Yusmeiro Petit 6' 1" 253!!!

Two questions:

1.  What is the better rotation?
2.  Which team wins a fist fight?

My totally uneducated speculation says that, yes, the Nats have a stronger rotation than Tacoma.  Zimmerman is actually a good pitcher and JD Martin has a pretty nice minor league track record.

A fist fight though?  How do you bet against Fister's reach advantage and Petit's ability to eat at least one of the opposing pitchers?  And you know that Wang would run into the clubhouse, so there's that too.  Oh, wait - so would Garrett Olson. 

I still take Tacoma.

Yes, spring training can't start soon enough...

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