Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mariners Still The Best Show In The Northwest

As we axiously await the start of spring training we have some time on our hands.  File this under the "Northwest Sports" department.  Half of The Log was down in Portland yesterday and had the opportunity to catch a Trailblazers game.  They just happened to be playing The Zombie Sonics last night.  The game itself was simply awful.  Here's a recap courtesy of the Portland Tribune if anyone cares.  Portland's best players are injured, nobody could score, Durant could get to the hoop anytime he wanted, etc. 

The Blazers were touting their "100th Consecutive Sellout," with pre-printed materials and other fanfare.  The only problem is there were plenty of tickets available leading up to tipoff.  Tickets availalble for purchase directly from the Blazers, huge blocks of tickets on StubHub, etc.  Hard to imagine this game was a sellout.  But I guess when you print out programs that say 100th Consecutive Sellout, you have to go with it. 

It was also Brandon Roy bobblehead night.  So we were moderately excited to get a tiny statue of one of Seattle's best hoops products.  Not so fast!  You have to be a season ticket holder to get the bobblehead.  The admission you paid to this "sold out" game is not good enough.  No Roy for you!!  Kind of sad to see Blazer workers packing up all of the extra bobbleheads.

MLB, and specifically the Mariners, put a great product out there for fans.  This isn't to say the Blazers aren't a great asset for a one-horse-town like Portland, but the NBA's product seems watered down, relying on gimmicks and loud promotions to distract from the mediocre product that is on the court most nights.  Makes me even more excited for pitchers and catchers to report to spring training!


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