Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Will Washburn Do?

So Jon Morosi tweets that Jarrod Washburn will retire if he doesn't get a reasonable offer from the two clubs he wants to play for, the Twins or the M's.

Got me thinking... what would he do in retirement?  Here are some ideas:

He would demonstrate "veteran savvy" while shopping at Best Buy.
He'd be "gritty" on the lake fishing for trout.
His "left-handedness" would come in handy with the remote in one and a PBR in the other.
He would "gut out" nights of hold 'em poker when the cards weren't coming to him
Every 5th day, he'd give his all when he rides the John Deere around the Washburn turf.
He'd show his "moxie" as he told stories of hating Kenji Johjima to his kids by the campfire.
Um... flipper...sarcasm...flipper...snark.  I don't know.

Homeless people all over Detroit are seen in these.

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