Thursday, January 14, 2010

Final Bat: What's Left?

Quick post here...

So the M's need one last bat. They could really use someone with an ability to play a couple infield positions and play in the OF. Basically, Billy Hall, but hopefully someone who can make contact.

Who is still available that might be worth a damn?

Rumor from Jon Morosi is the M's have expressed interest in Fernando Tatis, which honestly reminds me of Pat Gillick-esque moves. Somehow, Tatis has managed to be a 1.5 WAR player the last couple of years despite playing average to poor defense in the OF and infield. Little power, few walks, but he puts the ball in play. Meh.

Chad Tracy. Oft-injured but can play 1b and 3b fairly well according to UZR/150. Can also play the OF. He had big enough years to command a pretty hefty contract after 2005, but then he wound up getting dinged up every year thereafter. He'd have to be practically free to be worth a shot, say - minor league deal with invitation to camp.

LaRoche - his agent is horrible and signed for 4-5 mil with the Dbacks.

Hank Blalock - should never play a defensive position. A DH with health issues. He's a 29 year old Russ Branyan.

Ryan Garko - a poor fielding 1b. Right handed (a plus for this team). Horrible outfielder. Really, should be a platoon at DH vs. left handed bats. This team could use that, but I don't think they have the roster flexibility to carry him.

Kevin Millar - no.

Felipe Lopez - here's a guy that was 4.6 WAR last year, who probably can be counted on for a 2.0-2.5 WAR season in 2010 who plays plus defense at 2b, can give you innings at 3b (I'm going to assume he can play 1b), and historically has logged a couple in the OF, although I'm sure it's not his natural position. He wouldn't sign here without a job, so it would be one of those move-Jose-Lopez-to-Mars deals, but I'm pretty surprised this guy is still without a job. He is a type-B though, so there's that.

There are other names, but yeesh - the pickens are getting slim.

Starting to think the M's might be better off spending on a SP and go dumpster diving for the utility role. If it's Tatis, then so be it.

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