Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See ball, hit ball, throw ball.

Based on what we're seeing from the leading blogs out there, you need a pretty sophisticated understanding of statistics, economics, and other "ics" in order to survive in modern-day-roster-building-by-smart-guys. Consider posts in the last 24 hours by USS Mariner and Lookout Landing, by and large the voices of the Mariner blog world.

1. I think this is awesome.
2. I think it's time to finally just shut the #$%& up about it

We've beaten the shit out of this alive-and-well horse to the point where the value of advanced metrics, if I may, is diminished.

I'm as fanatical as anyone about the M's. I want them to win every last game they play and when they lose, it affects my mood.

But I think it's time for all us geeks to take away the magnifying glass for a moment and recall that this is a game played in a park with grass and bases and wooden bats and pine tar and a pretty leather ball with 108 pretty little double stitches in it. The players wear freaking stirrups.

Enjoy the game. Stop taking everyone's wOBA and WAR so seriously that it makes you want to punch babies in the face. Those of you who really know what you're talking about, stop talking down to the guys that think the home run is king, that believe in team chemistry, that use words like "grit" even if you know it's pure folly. They are fans too. And if they're M's fans, that's a good thing, even if they are uninformed M's fans.

I was sitting next to the most irritating woman on earth, who spent the better part of the game telling everyone why the Yankees were a better team than the Mariners because of their "blue collar" approach when Edgar hit his infamous "double". We hugged for about 20 minutes. She didn't know a UZR from a small mouth bass but she loved those M's. Gotta respect that on some level, right?

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