Thursday, January 28, 2010

Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I guess we were ahead of the curve, by a couple days at least.  Rob Neyer is the latest to jump on the Johnny Damon should be a Seattle Mariner bandwagon, citing Dave Cameron's always interesting analysis in Neyer's latest blog post over at ESPN

Neyer's post referenced Tuesday's FanGraphs article by Cameron, which was a carbon copy of our "Getting Abreud" posting on Monday.  That article was then later posted over at the mighty USS Mariner

To be clear, we're not saying Cameron copied our idea, or that the similarities in the Abreu/Damon camparisons and projected dollar value for Damon were more than coincidence.  It happens from time to time in today's publish-first world that something you write has already been done.  Out takeaway is that The Log is on the right track, or at least the topics we are writing about today are literally the popular topics of tomorrow and next week. 

We will break ideas from time to time, like we did with the Josh Willingham possibility last week.  Other times we may follow the pack and put our own, irreverent spin on an issue.  We invite everyone to join the conversation.  Even you, Carlos Silva. Please reach out Carlos.  We just want to know that you're ok.

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