Friday, January 22, 2010

On Josh Willingham

So the Nats have apparently made the Hammer available.

Right handed? Check
Power bat? Check
Can play LF? Check
Can DH? Duh
Can play 1b? Probably not (but has a tiny, tiny bit).
Emergency catcher? Why not?
Relatively low cost? $4.6 mil in 2010.

For a 2-2.5 WAR player, $4.6 is a good investment. He fits the M's needs pretty nicely.

Yeah, he's injury prone, but for a guy that Bill James predicts to hit 25 HR's with a a .363OBP, .482SLG, and .361wOBA, consider me sold.

I think Jose Lopez might look nice in the "other" Washington. Then we can sign Orlando Hudson

Then we can sign Ben Sheets.

Then we rule the Earth.


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Joseph said...

Wow! Intersting thoughts here. Sounds like a great idea.