Thursday, January 7, 2010

We finished here?

So, based on Jack Z's comments at the Kotchman unveiling, it seems like his magic wand might be out of juice.

I'd credit Geoff Baker for this, but I'll just credit the Seattle Times for carrying it, because, after all - Geoff Baker is an ego maniacal douchebag:

"Our ears are always open. We did our homework. We did a lot of work on a lot of players. We really left no stone unturned. But at the end of the day, for some of the things we were looking for, with this acquisition right here — and then you look at (Chone) Figgins and everything else we have on our ballclub, and Jack Wilson being healthy — this could really be a fun club to watch defensively."

Does that sound like a team that's juuuuuuuust about finished with their team-building to you? It sure does to me. By my count, they've got one OF/DH slot to still fill, and I'm not sure how exciting that player might be - but there are plenty of interesting names that could fill one or more of those roles, so who knows.

I'm still holding out hope there's a Ben Sheets in our future, but it doesn't look likely. No matter how good Jack thinks this team might be, you're not going to win 90 games between Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee. We're either going to need a miracle from Ian Snell and Hyphen, or we're going to have to hope that Doug Fister pulls a Paul Abbott circa 2001 and accidentally wins 17 games.

We really need another quality starter. That is, we really need another quality starter if this team is going to be among the truly unique teams in the AL.

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